El Padeciente (Patiently Enduring Suffering, 2021)

Feature Film directed by Constanza Fernández

"Patiently Enduring Suffering" is a feature film in post-production with an international premiere scheduled for 2021. It's the first Chilean film funded exclusively by the Cultural Donations Law, supported by Chilean Medical Association COLMED, UC Christus and Universidad de Chile.


Being a doctor and an ethic expert, Sergio Graf has to fight the Chilean health system as a patient when he gets the Guillain Barré syndrome. This is a journey to physical deterioration, loss of safety and the return to something that he has taken for granted ‘till now: his family.

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Cast / Crew / Techical Sheet

CAST: Héctor Noguera, Amparo Noguera, Naldy Hernández, Emilia Noguera, Diego Casanueva, Daniel Muñoz, Paola Giannini, Gabriela Hernández

CREW: Director: Constanza Fernández / Writer: Constanza Fernández / Cinematorgrapher: Cristian Petit-Laurent / Editor: Soledad Salfate, Sylvana Squcciarini / Sound: Camila Pruzzo, Carlos Pérez / Music: Angela Acuña / Production Design: Tatiana Pimentel, Marcela Gueny / Producer: Roberto Doveris / Production Company: Niña Niño Films, Celosa Producciones / Co Producers: Fundación de Cultura y Arte Pacuar

TECHNICAL INFORMATION: Original Title: El Padeciente / Shot in Digital 4K / Available for screenings in DCP / Color / Image format: 16:9 / 10 min / Sound format: 5.1 / Original language: Spanish / Subtitles: English / Niña Niño Films, Celosa Producciones / Chile, 2020

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