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Víctima Potencial (Potential Victim, 2018)

Feature Film directed by Nicolás Guzmán

Potential Victim (2018) was premiered internationally at the section Rebels With a Cause at Tallin Black Nights POFF 2018. In Chile was premiered at SANFIC 2019.


Sofia is a vampire who in the digital era has become a pop singer. Haunted by the ghosts of her victims, she longs for the end of curse of immortality. In the meantime, her music bewitch teenagers who see no meaning in their lives and who beg her to kill them, and transform them into internet ghosts.

International Trailer


Guzman’s first foray into fiction filmmaking stars multifaceted pop singer-actress-model Sofía Oportot in an experimental film that combines vampires, pop music and ghosts in a hyper-digitalized world - Variety

Cast / Crew / Techical Sheet

CAST: Sofía Oportot, Demian Hernández, Ingrid Isensee

CREW: Director: Nicolás Guzmán / Producer: Alba Gaviraghi (Agosto Cine) and Roberto Doveris (Niña Niño Films) / Script: Nicolás Guzmán / Cinematography: Patricio Alfaro and Thomas Chenette / Production Design: Sofía Oportot / Sound: Francisca Soto / Sound Design: Mauricio Flores / Editors: Martín Santapau / Music: Sofía Oportot.


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